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I Water Dead Plants: a book of poetry and belief

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Author’s Bio

 A Chicago native, author Heather J. Kirk currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she works as a graphic designer, fine art photographer and fashion designer, through her company PhotoGraphic Artistry and Publishing.

 She loves to help other authors birth their literary babies through the editing and design process, as well as getting their books for sale on Amazon.

Her writing inspiration arises from her own experiences, whether in a physical garden or encounters in the “mission field” of life. Her work is firmly planted in a faith that no matter how difficult life can be in this out of sync world, “all things work together for good”.

She uses a portion of the proceeds of her literary and artistic works to support the prevention and intervention of human and sex trafficking.

To find all the links in one place for “everything” by Heather J. Kirk - photographic art, graphic design and author services (editing and book design), and fashion – visit:

Orig.: $16.00
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We ... a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync: a book of poetry (2nd Edition) by Heather J Kirk

In We ... a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync, she takes the reader on a faith journey modeled after that of the prophet Isaiah, yet sets it in the absolute present. Tears flow through her tellings of pain so personal we think they are our own. And perhaps they are. But "We" never leaves us alone, offering possibilities in the communion of family, friends and a God that burns us with His healing fire. Even ‘non-poetry readers’ will find the text in “We” as natural and readable as prose, beautiful, even while the poems reveal the tragedies that befall us in this world. With Ms. Kirk’s assistance, we travel from grief and pain to hope and purpose. Through the chapter headings ‘out of sync’, ‘who will go?’, ‘coal to my lips’, ‘send me’, and ‘go,’ she reminds us that no matter what we have lived through, we are never so broken that we cannot go and minister to another in need.


PDF Download: We...a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync by Heather J Kirk

PDF Download: We...a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync by Heather J Kirk

A journey of faith and hope, through the trials of life. We, like Elijah, like Jesus Christ, and if I can be so bold as to include myself, can expect pain and difficulties - and through them effect to find hope and purpose.

"I finished your wonderful book of poetry. I was struck by how your thoughts paralleled the thoughts I have learned in recovery. It takes meditative reflection to write poetry and it is this same process that we in recovery try to get to."  Mike Lyding

Orig.: $11.00
Sale: $7.99

The Boy from Bedag: Photo Journal of a Mission to India PDF eBook

PDF eBook with Full Color Photography
The Boy from Bedag: Photo Journal of a Mission to India by Heather J. Kirk

In the role of both photographer and scribe, Heather Kirk slips deftly between viewer and the viewed, reporter and passionate poet. She reveals beauty in the throes of ashes, taking us deep into heart-wrenching, unimaginable realities with tenderness, and even humor.  In seemingly hopeless situations, we are never left to think all hope is gone.


Colorful Reconstruction Art Book

Art Book by Heather J. Kirk - Colorful Reconstruciton

The images in “Colorful Reconstruction” were created solely with in-camera digital functions and began by taking the ugly and annoying, deconstructing, then recreating with beauty and intrigue.

For a year and a half, I Aexperienced@the construction of Scottsdale’s new Water Treatment Facility, and every morning my sleep was interrupted by the sounds of pounding concrete. Helpless to change the situation, I chose sublimation over useless anger, and began photographing the construction, and later the completed building. I expanded the locations and the subjects to include, among other things Hayden Wash, Seattle Gas Works, street corners, “horses” and even household items. The result - abstract photographic art, formed from metal, concrete and glass.

Taking the mundane through a process of limiting the view and altering perception, I entered into a fanciful world of shape and color, of reconstructed place, where water is, water once was, and where water will be again.

All images copyright Heather J. Kirk and PHotoGraphic Artistry and Publishing

49 images / 22 pages


Forgotten Landscapes Art Book

Full Color Photography Art Book: Forgotten Landscapes by Heather J. Kirk

“Forgotten Landscapes” are those that don’t make it into US Board of Tourism brochures or Arizona Highways; those that bus tours drive right by on their way to “greater” destinations. Hardly more than a three minute walk from the roadside, these sights are slept through or talked over or looked past in search of another location. Considered too mundane, or perhaps too obvious, there are no overlooks or guiding signs or safety pull offs to point the way to these quiet places. Yet at 65 mph we cannot notice their beauty, or for some, even their presence. These “Forgotten Landscapes” require us to risk stopping on freeways and thoroughfares, slipping down drainage ditches, sidestepping snakes and burrs and thorns, or sinking deep into mud. They insist we slow down. And when we finally do slow down, we suddenly see their desolate beauty.

Within the larger context of “Forgotten Landscapes,” I include various sub series: the remains of Joshua Trees after a fire; abandoned icebergs left on farmlands after an ice break and a river flood; broken cat tails in a pond fed by distant mountains; and dried sunflowers standing alone in a fallow field with the obligation to seed, to bring life out of death. These are the places I explore through black and white photography, beckoning people to notice, and see again, starting with a distant highway view, drawing them out into the field, and finally revealing up close what they almost missed…each series ending in a “portrait of nature.”

22 pages / 34 images - All Copyright Heather J. Kirk

On-line Art Gallery:


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith - 101 Inspirational Stories about Life, Belief, and Spiritual Renewal

An inspiring and faith filled story by Heather J. Kirk titled Thin Places is included in the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul edition, which releases on October 16th, 2012. Her story is about her decision to move to the Dominican Republic, the difficulties she encountered there, and the presence of God and the opening of her eyes and her breath that allowed her to experience life differently.


Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul

Author Heather J. Kirk contribute a story titled "Alma/My Soul" to Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul.

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Sopa de Pollo para el Alma Latina



The Virgin in Art: and illustrated biography by Mantoshe Singh Devji

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Behind Our Eyes

The anthology, "Behind Our Eyes: Stories, Poems and Essays by Writers with Disabilities," Edited by Marilyn Brandt Smith was released in December, and is avaialable on Disabled people, in most ways, are just like everyone else. So it should come as no surprise that the stories, essays, and poems in Behind Our Eyes deal with situations and emotions that confront all of us: family and marriage, love and heartbreak, discord, appreciation of nature, and the desire to engage in the world more fully.

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Who Else Wants a Hassle Free Contract? by Dina Eisenberg

There are 3 steps to contract success:
Mindset, Mechanics and Mindmeld

As I examined my business and those of my entrepreneur clients I realize there were was a way to take the worst part of the business - contracts and the sales conversation - and turn them into the highlights.  It’s all about getting your mind right (Mindset), making your documents tight (Mechanics) and helping your brides  ‘see the light’ (Mindmeld).

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Miracle Power for Your Hour

Miracle Power for Your: How to access God's miracle power in your time of need, by Kimberly T. Smith

Miracles are not easy to come by, simply because we like to do things our own way...but the God who performs miracles is just waiting for you to ask.

Find out more, and purchase a few books - the more you buy the more you save, so get one for friends and family members going through hard times. Or for a book or study group you belong to. Visit and

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Daily adventures of a Yankee working in the massive Libyan desert oilfields in 1980, and  comparing Colonel Qadhafi's "Dream" for his country, to the "Nightmare" his people lived.

Authored by a wonderful friend of mine who has many amazing stories to tell, as unbeleivably believable as this one. And a very important read as we try to understand the mindset of terrorism and the brainwashing that can happen in madrassas. Buy it from

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Yes You Are a Genius
Written by graphic design clients of mine, Susanna Lange and Otto Siegel, I was privileged to be a part of the early planning and editing stages of this project--as well as the cover design. At risk of being repetitive, yes, you are a genius, and this book is worth reading if only to discover that wonderful fact. But if you follow their enjoyable steps of self discovery, you might even find out what to DO with that Genius! Buy it from

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"His glory covered the Heavens, and the earth was full of His praise."  Habakuk 3:3b

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