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"A young man challenged me on a 12 hour train ride from Mumbai to Miraj, 'If you are going to be honest, don't go back like all the other photographers with only pictures of poverty and filth. We are much more than that. Show them we are beautiful too.'  I hope I have honored the promise I made to him that day."     -Heather J. Kirk

Read the full poem Open Heart Surgery at http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/page/page/3352362.htm For people who get quesy at the sight of blood, some times this poems, which partially describes Open Heart Surgery, has the same effect.  So perhaps you should pass on the poem... 

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The Mission Trip:

Ms. Heather J. Kirk joined a medical team from Valley Presbyterian church in Arizona on a trip to Wanless Hospital/Miraj Medical Center  (www.WanlessHospital.org) in Miraj, India, to act as the team photographer.  Her role was to document the contributions of the volunteers, as well as the immense contributions of hospital itself to the surrounding communities.  The photos were intended to share with the church and mission committee, who provided one time financial support to the short-term missionaries, raised funds for a pediatric ventilator to be used after  children's cardiac surgery, and committed long-term support to the hospital.  That way of thanking and "educating" the church became just the beginning of how Heather has chosen to express both her love and concern for the people of India, as she longs to share the message with a much larger audience.

Ways of Sharing

Not only a photographer, but a writer, Ms. Kirk has consistently used personal essay and poetry to process her own experiences and emotions, and then to share what she learns, discovers, hopes to learn, or what is pressing upon her, with others.  Photographs taken in India have shown in nationally in exhibits, Ms. Kirk does presentations in the Phoenix metropolitan area on the group's experiences, and she is currently seeking a publisher for a book titled "The Boy From Bedag: Photo Journal of a Medical Mission to India" that combines the photos, poems, essays, hospital programs, and journals of other team members. 

A few other poems that reference India are included in her own book of poetry titled "We...a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync," available on the Book tab of this web site.

How Others Can Help

It is the hope of Ms. Kirk that by not only sharing with others the social concerns taking place in India, but also the beauty of the people, and programs that make a difference, she can bring a gift to both sides of the globe.  Those of us outside of India will find a way to help through education and awareness, prayer, and financial support.  Highly successful programs will receive the support they need to continue, financially, with prayers, and very importantly, with awareness and social support and pressure from outside of India.

A portion of the proceeds of art sales will go towards both medical and social programs at Wanless Hospital.  There are many fine art photos to choose from.  Images from surgery are only for medical, educational, or journalistic purposes.  View photos from India at http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/page/page/3348893.htm

Also, a portion of the proceeds from income recieved from any publications (magazines, journals or book length) or presentations relating to India will benefit Wanless.

Individuals may choose to donate to Wanless Hospital programs.  The safest way to do that is to allow Valley Presbyterian Church to be the passthrough for the funds.  Funds or items sent by mail often never make it past the Indian postal service or employees.  Detailed information on how to do that will follow, as well as what to pray, if you are so inclined.

Your interest in and concern for not only those in India, but around the world, is greatly respected.

Thank you,

Heather J. Kirk / PhotoGraphic Artistry and Publishing
All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk


A.  Donation Information/Form

B.  How to Pray for India


A.Cut and paste this to print, or simply make a notation in the memo portion "Wanless Hospital".  Donations to the General Fund allow freedom and don't let money sit, but if a particular program reaches your heart, note that in the memo section or your check or money order as well.

To:    Valley Presbyterian Church

         6947 E. McDonald Dr.

        Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


From:                                                       Phone:



I would like to make a donation to programming at Wanless  Hospital / Miraj Medical Center in Miraj, India.


Yes, I would like a receipt for tax purposes


No, I do not need a receipt



I would like to donate to the General Fund, as it allows the money to be directed to where the greatest needs are Amount $______


Although I understand that designated funds may leave one program over funded while another faces needs, I still feel particularly led to support a specific program(s), as follows:

__ Hospital needs and caring for the poor Amount $______

__  Cardiac Unit Amount $______

__  Burn Unit $______

__  Community Outreach Health Programs Amount $______

__  Community Outreach Sanitation Programs Amount $______

__  Women’s Empowerment Programs Amount $______

__  Eye Clinic Amount $______

__  Morningstar Orphanage and outreach into the Red Light Districts Amount $____

Total Amount Enclosed $_________ Check # ________

I heard about Wanless from:



For Email Marketing you can trust



The People:

Christians and Missionaries:


That the government will allow free expression of religious beliefs and not limit missionary work into the country.


For both boldness and sensitivity in the sharing of their faith and God’s love with others.


For protection against persecution and physical harm, including attack and murder, from those who want to stop the sharing of Christianity.

Wanless Hospital:

Guidance to administrative staff and decision makers as to the role of the hospital in a changing environment.


Provision in every area – financial, infrastructure, equipment and instruments, training, doctors, nurses, staff, and students, missionaries and spiritual support.


Give all employees and students wisdom, skill, provision, persistence and God’s love in treating their patients. Let them represent Christ to them in a beautiful way by their compassion and kindness.


That their successful Community Outreach Programs be used as models to implement education, health initiatives, and women’s empowerment throughout the country.
That people may be educated on, and follow, sanitary practices, and that the resources be available for them to implement healthy changes. That sanitation related illnesses be greatly reduced.


That girls and women be as highly regarded as boys and men, and that practices such as dowries, bride burnings, aborting of female fetuses, and the "selling" of second daughters, for the dowry of the first, be eliminated. 


Deliverance from a system of politics and religion that is oppressive and keeps people "in their place". That God may soften their hearts to hear and respond to the Gospel, and that salvation and revival may sweep through the country.  For peace and stability in the area, and resolution of problems with neighboring countries, such as Pakistan.








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"His glory covered the Heavens, and the earth was full of His praise."  Habakuk 3:3b

All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk    

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