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Forgotten Landscapes: Photographic Series in Sepia
All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk

"Forgotten Landscapes" are those that don’t make it into US Board of Tourism brochures or Arizona Highways; those that bus tours drive right by on their way to "greater" destinations. Hardly more than a three minute walk from the roadside, these sights are slept through or talked over or looked past in search of another location.

Considered too mundane, or perhaps too obvious, there are no overlooks or guiding signs or safety pull offs to point the way to these quiet places

Yet at 65 mph we cannot notice their beauty, or for some, even their presence. These "Forgotten Landscapes" require us to risk stopping on freeways and thoroughfares, slipping down drainage ditches, sidestepping snakes and burrs and thorns, or sinking deep into mud. They insist we slow down. And when we finally do slow down, we suddenly see their desolate beauty.  

Within the larger context of "Forgotten Landscapes," I include various subseries: the remains of Joshua Trees after a fire;

abandoned icebergs left on farmlands after an ice break and a river flood;

broken cat tails in ponds fed by distant mountains; and dried sunflowers standing alone in a fallow field with the obligation to seed, to bring life out of death.  

These are the places I explore through black and white photography, beckoning people to notice, and see again, starting with the distant highway view, drawing them out into the field, and finally revealing up close what they almost missed.

We remember what you used to be and honor what you will become.

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To order: First, decide if you would like the piece printed on canvas and wrapped around stretcher bars, printed on photographic paper (unframed/mailed rolled), or printed on Somerset Velvet (similar to watercolor paper, unframed/rolled).

To order any piece, write down the title and click here. Choose a size commensurate with shape (rectangular or square or panoramic). And place choices in notes as well as sending an e-mail and contact information.

In addition we have already prepared many piece in this series is a Giclee photographic print, limited edition - image size 7 x 10, framed in black laquered 16 x 20 vertical frame - $450 each.  More images in the Forgotten Landscapes series can be found on the "Black and White" tab.

All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk



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All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk



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"His glory covered the Heavens, and the earth was full of His praise."  Habakuk 3:3b

All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk    

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