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Don't trust your "baby" to someone who does not specialize in book design. Not just any graphic designer knows how to layout a book or a cover.And your best friend-lawyer friend - professor friend - smart friend, is not a professional editor. I've fixed too many projects started by other designers and editors that have had mistakes, unprintable pages, extended delays and wasted money. START with someone who knows book interior and cover design.

Do you have an incredible idea for a book?  Is there a manuscript hidden away somewhere in your closet?  Do you want to write a memoir for your family?  Self publishing makes that possible and you can now produce a small number of books if you just want to print them for family and friends, or a larger quantity to all out market them.  I can help with the proofreading, book layout and book cover design..and any promotional materials and website as well.

Even companies that offer print on demand services want your manuscript in a finished and very specific format.  Whether you would like my assistance or someone elses, make sure you find a professional to guide you in the writing, editing, and layout of your book. And then through the self-publishing process. Many of these companies will design your book cover for you, but it is a good idea to look at your alternatives.  Often you can find an independent graphic designer to give you the same high quality, MUCH more CONTROL over the outcome, and at a fair price.  Let me help create your book exactly the way you envisioned it (or even better, working together as a team)!

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 Available Graphic Design Services include:
Adobe Photoshop and image and size/dpi manipulation - Book design and layout / Book cover design -  Business Cards - Post Cards - Invitations - Ad layouts - Brochures - E-books: PDF and Kindle - Logo Creation - Web Sites - Promo material layouts - Prep for your professional printer - Web page through City Max or Go Daddy and others. Graphic Design Services are $50 per hour, with a one hour minimum.

Editing Services - Various levels: Basic proofing, logic and content editing, historical and fact checking. Editing Services are $30 per hour, with a one hour minimum.

Education and Social Media Services Social Media Education and/or Services - Setting up and using: Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Posting on FB and Twitter for you. Education and Social Media Services are $30 per hour, with a one hour minimum.

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