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#2-Flowers on Black/White
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Two Poinsettias     Lily and Leaf Number Two     Yellow Lilies on Black     4Daisies on Stems    

Two Rust Calla Lilies    Three Rust Calla Lilies     Purple Spotted Orchid on White    Single Rust Calla Lily on Stem

White Orchid on Black     Orchid on Edge     Blue Agave     Kaleidoscope as Diamond

Rendezvous     Random Sample     Purple Circle Backs with White Top     Nestled

 Purple Circle Backs    Kaleidoscope Block 2    Sea Anemone    Flower Box Purple Cut    Liquid Virtical

Orange Daisy Front     2Daisies Tall     Daisy Tilt     Liquid      

     Flower Box     Flower Box Yellow Cut     Flower Box Pink Cut     Inverse Glow Green Rose

Calla Lily Stem Straight     Calla Lily Stem     Passion Angle Front     Entwined     Winged Woman in White Lily          Sweet Triangulation     Purple Kiss     Back Together     Two Whole Plums     Two Peach Roses and Petals

Peach Rose Criss Cross     Fire Wisps     Two Seasons




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"His glory covered the Heavens, and the earth was full of His praise."  Habakuk 3:3b

All images and content Copyright Heather J. Kirk    

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