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Books for Sale > Who Else Wants a Hassle Free Contract? by Dina Eisenberg
Who Else Wants a Hassle Free Contract? by Dina Eisenberg

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I have been diong eBook design and layout, and my most recent projects was titled: Who Wants a Hassle Free Contract by Dina Eisenberg. Though it is directed towards wedding planners, I learned immensely from it simply while editing it!

Book Cover - Hassle Free Contracts
Dina says about her Enhanced eBbook:

 There are 3 steps to contract success:
Mindset, Mechanics and Mindmeld

As I examined my business and those of my entrepreneur clients I realize there were was a way to take the worst part of the business - contracts and the sales conversation - and turn them into the highlights.  It’s all about getting your mind right (Mindset), making your documents tight (Mechanics) and helping your brides  ‘see the light’ (Mindmeld).

Feel empowered to run your business, your way. Have rock solid confidence that’s palpable and unshakable.  You’ll become fearless because no matter who or what happens you’ll know how to handle it. What a joy and relief that would be.


Dina has provided me this kind "review"!

"Don't waste time with other editor/designers - go straight to Heather Kirk.  Her keen sense of detail and knowledge  elevated (my eBook) out of the ordinary and transformed it so it looked as good as the content actually is.  I could never have done it - on time & in budget - without her!" 

-Dina Eisenberg, Esq. Contract Mensch



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