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Heather's Favorite Reads (plus commentary!)

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Mila 18, Leon Uris
Also the author of acclaimed books (that I have not read) Exodus, Redemption, and Ireland. And wow, can he make history real, invade your thoughts and your present circumstances and attitude (as history should), and though the word enjoyable does not seem fit for the exposure of life in the Jewish Warsaw ghettos during Hitler’s reign, the book Mila 18 certainly is compelling. One of the most compelling fiction novels I’ve ever read, based far too much on a horrific truth.

Out of the Silent Planet, C.S. Lewis: Out of the Silent Planet, is one book in a trilogy of Lewis’ Sci-Fi Fiction. I could take or leave the other two, one better than the other (I’ll let you figure them out if you care), but this one I read repeatedly as a child, or perhaps as a teenager. It all runs together now. These are only two books I read more than once as a kid, Out of the Silent Planet, and Daddy Long Legs – which I am not recommending, it’s kind of a night in shining armor by letter book. An out of character ending, though. I still have my Out of the Silent Planet, book.

For for your "listening pleasure" get the Library Edition Audio Book on MP3 CD, $24.95

Now this is interesting, after you read and listen you can figure out what it all means in the real world. Study Guide by Andrew Clausen, Book Description:Easy-to-use, reproducible lessons on literary terms, comprehension and analysis, critical thinking, related scriptural principles, vocabulary, activities, plus a complete answer key

Okay, I had to look up “Daddy Long Legs”. Turns out I had good taste as a kid. It was written in 1912 and is considered a classic, still read by many to this day. It’s completely written as letters a young woman writes to her benefactor while she attends college. Turning 18 at an orphanage, she thought she would be sent out to the world to fend for herself. Only boys received college scholarships at the orphanage. But a board member decides to provide the scholarship himself that the school won’t. Her payment: weekly letters. Writing, equal opportunity, college education for a woman when it was uncommon, keeping her word – okay, not a bad choice after all I suppose. And it’s even available on CD. But I’ll refer you to the book version. One only cost 25 cents. Probably my old worn out version!


The Chronicles of Narnia

While we’re on C.S. Lewis Fiction, I might as well add in The Chronicles of Narnia. And try to pick just one, no way – anyway my favorite, the Magician’s Nephew is rarely what I hear coming out of other’s mouths. Get the whole set – the whole set is like one – oh, what’s that other fiction mythical series with lots of pages? Anyway, they’re all worth it.

And this is the coolest thing – get it on CD and you don’t even have to read (oops, did a writer just say that?) I love to listen to stories, while I drive (who cares if there’s traffic), while I “cook” and eat, and shower (you have to turn it up pretty loud though).

Narnia CD Set

Years ago my step-dad and I looked everywhere to find the boxed set of Los Cronicos de Narnia. I can’t remember where he finally found it, but he wanted to give the full set of the Chronicles of Narnia in both English and Spanish to – well, now my memory is playing tricks. I was going to say Wheaton College. But perhaps the English was for Wheaton, and the Spanish for a mission our church often went to in Agua Prieta, Mexico – Frontera de Cristo, through the Bi-National Presbyterian Ministries. Yes, there are Presbyterians in Mexico, believe it or not. I digress. So, Amazon does NOT have the boxed set in Spanish, but they do have just about all the individual books in paperback (including El Sobrino de Mago) for about 3.97 each – so make your own set. In the search box just write “Narnia Spanish”.

C.S. Lewis has plenty of other books, including a lot of non-fiction, but I’ll let you do the searching if you really want to know more…



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