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Mask of Cotton with Carbon Insert LINK PROVIDED

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Mask of Cotton with Carbon Insert. Direct link below. VIDA manufactures the clothing I sell with my art on it. At this point the only choices are solid black or checkered black and white. I think it will change to art options eventually. But for now they have their artisans creating masks that allow for carbon inserts. Use the direct link below and I suggest ordering additional inserts so you can wash one each day. Carbons last a week! Their employees always earn a living wage and get literacy or budgeting skills.

1 reusable, washable mask is $10 including at carbon filter. $12 for 4 or 5 replacement carbons that last 7 days.

If you search "Heather Kirk" you can find leggings, blouses, scarves wraps, clutches - all kinds of things - with my art!

FYI: These masks are made in China. Here is VIDA's statement for those that are concerned about that. From Umaimah Mendhro on their FB Page: "Our factories in other countries that we could've possibly diverted to produce masks, including in the US, are currently under shelter-in-place. The factory in China we are working with is amongst the few operating, with COVID-safety guidelines in place."



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